"Jeff & Tina;
Thank you so much for our wonderful stay. Your home is so well appointed—every detail taken into consideration. I love the colors and the comfort—and, the vistas aren’t half bad either. Enjoy your painting and hope you will be able to enjoy Mexico in 2019!"

June 16, 2018

"Tina & Jeff;
For our second summer in a row, we again loved your beautiful home. The house, the view, the location are all top-notch. And your service to us while we are guests in your home has been amazing. Tracy, Forrest and Joanne have done an incredible job keeping the place in first class condition. We’ve loved our nights around the fire pit, our nights on the deck, and our relaxation on the lawn chairs. Thank you for allowing us to be here year after year. We’ll be back soon!"

September. 7, 2018

"Hi Jeff & Tina;
If we could have a picture of Rockledge, it would be of the fire pit, Spike and the full moon. You have given us unforgettable memories and there’s no greater gift than that. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you again here, at Drift cottage or in Melbourne. Until then we leave you with copious hugs and a whole lot of love. And the guest house is 5 stars—you bet it is!"

September. 26, 2018

“Tina and Jeff
We really want to say a huge Thank you for sharing your amazing home with us. Thanks to you both we had an amazing vacation. The views of the coast were amazing. Stargazing from the deck was unreal. Waking up to this view every morning was the BEST! Thanks for all the great advice and ideas on places to go and things to see. Your beautiful home truly made this an amazing trip. Looking forward to hosting you in AZ.”

May 23-30, 2017

“Tina & Jeff
This is my third time to Rockledge. Each time I seem to find more hidden gems than the time before. Halibut Fishing was a “Bucket List” item this time. But through your eyes I have seen probably the best Maine or any other place has to offer—the people. All are warm, friendly and many are true neighbors ready to share and help. More than that they are all ready to make you smile with their talents and genuine interest in visitors. Your hospitality is a whole new level for me—the food, wine, and company is something I always treasure and always remember. I think my heart will always have a piece left behind with you. Keep it safe for me until I can return again. Know that I will always be thinking of you in this magical setting.”

June 14-20, 2017.

“Jeff & Tina
David and I (and for a few days my parents and niece) had a really wonderful time at Rockledge—beautiful, peaceful, and lots of ocean air—just what we needed. We don’t want to leave! Thanks so much for sharing you home with us, and hope we can stay again.”

June 24-July 15, 2017.

“Dear Tina & Jeff
Our family has fallen in love with Maine! We have never had such a wonderful vacation as we’ve had this past week. We left the heat and humidity of Georgia and spent a wonderful week in the cool air and beautiful scenery of this gorgeous place. Our grandchildren enjoyed your perfect yard and surroundings so much. We had everything we needed in your home to make it ours for a little while. We are taking many memories back with us, and hope to return someday. Thank you for sharing with us.”

July 15-22, 2017.

“Dear Tina & Jeff
“We really loved our stay at the house! Everything about it was beautiful. The view, the house, the yard, and Maine. I appreciate how new everything was. We enjoyed our trip. We also REALLY appreciated that you provided us with beach towels.”

July 29-August 5, 2017.

“Dear Tina & Jeff
Our Maine vacation was delightful thanks to your warm hospitality and spectacular home. We appreciate all of your thoughtfulness and recommendations. It was wonderful getting to know you! Thanks for sharing your slice of Maine with us. We will think back on all of our memories and this incredible view in the weeks ahead with smiles on our faces. We wish you much happiness.”

August 5- September 8, 2017.

"Dear Tina & Jeff;
Thank you for a wonderful week in your gorgeous home! Our family and both sets of our parents enjoyed the spa-like accommodations and the peaceful and serene yard. You certainly thought of everything when planning and furnishing it! Thank you again for graciously welcoming us into your home—we enjoyed every minute of it."

July 9-16, 2016

"Tina & Jeff;
Once again thank you for sharing your home with us. Our second time in two years—we were able to settle right in and explore even more. We enjoyed the additional “appointments” such as the golden fish weathervane. We wish you continued success and we hope to be back again soon. Congratulations on starting with an idea, firming up a vision, and being well on your way to a legacy in such a short time."

July 16-23, 2016

"Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home. We had a wonderful trip with the family. The kitchen was amazing and the view second to none. We had a lovey stay. So many fun memories."

August 13-2, 2016

"Dear Tina & Jeff;
Very few vacation spots provide the loving, caring environment of a home. One that surrounds you and invites to be the best that you can be. Your home did all of that and more. We all felt the heart energy that invited us to rest, relax, restore and remember to be present.

In various parts of Port Clyde & Tenants Harbor we had 21 members of our family visiting the area—most days everyone found their way back here for dinner and a night of reminiscing and laughter. It really was a joyous time thanks to this lovely space.

Wishing for you all the magical moments that we enjoyed, thanks to this wonderful home—the ospreys were an added bonus!"

August 20-27, 2016

"Dear Tina & Jeff,
We’re really struggling to thank you sufficiently for what has been one of the happiest weeks of our lives! That’s no exaggeration. Your welcome, your friends, your house (now ours), your Maine have all entranced and delighted us. We’re taking Wyeth prints to England as an ongoing reminder of all that we’ve loved here. We look forward to returning your hospitality in West Sussex!"

September 15-23, 2016

"Tina & Jeff
We know it must have been a leap of faith to allow others to stay in your beautiful home. The fact that you appointed it with such care and took such pains to provide such amenities made us wish to treat it with extra care. The seagulls came back religiously. The views never failed. We had time to reconnect with family as well as solitude. I brought 6 books, but finished 1. I spent a lot of time simply staring at the Atlantic. You left nothing to chance. We hope to come back, and if you ever wish to sell—call me!"

July 1-18, 2015

"Philly, Pa. and Buffalo, N.Y. met in Maine for a beautiful week together. Thank you for sharing your home and view with us! This home is very well appointed. You left no stone unturned!"

July 18-25, 2015

"Jeff, Your home is exquisite. You and Tina have done an amazing job. We have rented many homes for decades and there is nothing lacking here. In the last week we have crammed kayaking, beach and lake. I have enjoyed the view from your home at 5 AM to 10 PM. All are just amazing. I sincerely hope we have treated your home with the respect and reverence it deserves. We could not have enjoyed ourselves more. I am not just saying that, we really loved our time here."

July 25-August 1, 2015

"Everything is perfect. What a wonderful place."

August 1-8, 2015

"Dear Tina & Jeff,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home. My sister and I brought our families and Mom for a week of family bonding and we really enjoyed our time here. The house is so well appointed and loved that the kitchen is so well stocked. We love to cook and found everything we needed…you thought of everything!! The view is magnificent. The layout of the house and garden are amazingly so well thought out and simply beautiful. We also appreciate that you have 2 bug zappers to reduce the mosquito problem that is so prevalent around here. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the meteor shower light show on your deck at night without getting eaten alive! My kids went out during low tide and collected wild mussels and periwinkles which were tasty although a bit sandy. They loved that they could do that in your “back yard”.
Tomorrow we leave to go back home but the good part is we take back with us beautiful memories of our time at Rockledge. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to stay at your home and enjoy this experience."

August 8-15, 2015

"Dear Tina & Jeff;
You have a beautiful home! I can’t believe how well thought out this place is. It is so well equipped with all the amenities needed. I will be sure to tell my friends about your home and about the wonderful time we had."

August 8-15, 2015

"Yes! We arrived and the place is beautiful. Everything is great. Thank you!"

Email, August 16, 2015

"Hi Jeff and Tina, we arrived and are delighted with your home! Thank you for sharing it!"

Email, August 16, 2015

"Dear Tina and Jeff,
Thank you for a beautiful and relaxing visit to your home. It’s just what we had hoped for! We could sense your gracious hospitality in every detail you provided for our stay. We were very comfortable and felt like it was “our” home for the week. We hope you make many years of happy memories with your family in this special place as we have over the past week."

August 15-22, 2015

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